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Déborah Couture – participant of BESS 2013, founder of Fungi Town.

raw@form, our company, was born this summer 2013 and since then, we have been very busy with our first project Fungi Town. In September we attended a mushroom growing training in Ghent with Bruno, a Belgian fungi lover and in November we were at the first "Blue Economy Mushroom Learning Network" in Rotterdam, with amongst other guests, Ivanka. In the meantime we picked our first flush oysters mushrooms... a truly magical moment! Currently, we are looking for a place in Utrecht. We want to continue experimenting and start producing. Our journey has only just begun, and you have contributed too! :-)

We wish you a Peaceful, Inspiring & Healthy 2014. May your projects be realized and the transition on which we are all working on, go further and deeper into our societies.

Ilsa & Déborah”


Varnee Moodely – participant of BESS 2012, entrepreneur and creative director of Gecko Kids

Varnee is the owner and creative director of Gecko, Gecko Kids and Step by Step. She is currently managing Gecko which is an environment friendly clothing and accessories’ brand, designed and manufactured in Mauritius which is Varnee’s island of origin.
She has completed the 2012 Blue Economy Summer School Training at the Faculty of Business at the University of Pécs in Hungary and was a speaker at the Blue Economy World Congress 2013 in Madrid, Spain.
Since then, Varnee changed her business model to integrate into the Blue Economy. She has developed a clothing range based on Gunter Pauli’s fables and experiment food waste to dye organic cotton. This project is undergoing a global testing in cooperation with local companies and will be introduced around the globe, creating local industries.


Roger Jones – participant of BESS 2012, director of Moyo Building Pty Ltd.

Inspired by Blue Economy Summer School 2012, Roger Jones established a new environmental friendly and sustainable product called „Rapidwall” into his building business. It is a single panel walling system that serves as both the internal and external wall and eliminates the need for bricks, blocks, timber and steel wall frames and plasterboard linings. It is the most ecologically sound and technologically advanced building product available in the world today. In a process that will change forever the way buildings are constructed, Rapidwall takes natural gypsum or by-product, chemical waste gypsum and turns it into a 12m x 3m glass-fibre gypsum plaster, single panel, load bearing walling system.

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