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A wide range of off-class social programs will be offered during the sumer school most of which despite being diverse and amusing are linked to the concept of Blue Economy. These programs provide an excellent opportunity for the participants to get a better acquinted not only with each other, but also with the city, the region, the culture and heritage of Pécs.

List of preliminary off programs on BESS 2017:

  • Welcome ceremony
  • Wine tasting tour at the famous wine region of Baranya county
  • Interesting and diverse programs are being planned to enrich the time of the participants
  • Closing ceremony and Farewell party

Detailed off-programs for 2017 is coming soon!


Check the best off-programs of BESS 2012 and BESS 2013:

Company visit to Ekofungi (Belgrade, Serbia)

Mushroom growing technology is biotechnology process for conversion different cellulose materials into high quality human food component. Ekofungi process  from waste mushroom which is possible through a special cultivation techniques. The company day by day provides to the market delicious champignons, produced on conventional way but also other mushroom species – oyster. shee take.. cultivated on the substrata produced based on our innovative technology following the Blue Economy principles. The company visit let the participants gave a good example how a Blue Economy enterprise works in the reality.

Company visit to Villány

A company visit to the pomace-recycling workshop gives a living example of the everyday use of the Blue concept. During the company visit participants will have the chance to get a closer insight into the project and plans of the factory adapting this new, alternative economic concept.
The fabulous and famous wine region of Villány is just at about 10 km away from Pécs. The wine region includes several villages where traditional local kinds of grape are cultivated and different sorts of excellent quality wine are produced. During our tour we are going to visit wine cellars and after having tasted different traditional sorts of outstanding wine of the region we are going to have dinner in the Villány wine region, as well.

The eco village: Gyűrűfű

Gyűrűfű is the first eco-village in Hungary. The once flourishing town was an empty village from the 1970-s until it was refunded in 1991 with the idea of establishing a self-sustainable town and community. The first families moved into the newly built houses applying the principles of sustainability in 1996. In 2002 an international conference of the eco-villages was organised in Gyűrűfű. The village has been recently elected for the capital of biodiversity in Hungary. During the visit we are going to have the chance to experience the characteristic “alternative” way of life in the village that ensures the self-sustainability of the town.

Visit to Orfű

A short visit to the lakes of Orfű gives the opportunity for the participants to experience the beauty of flora and fauna in the hills of Mecsek.

Pécs and the surroundings

Pécs, Hungary’s fifth largest city, lies in the southern part of the country. The vicinity of the Adriatic, the winding streets of the historic centre, the teeming life of the early summer evenings all evoke the feeling of a Mediterranean region. At the same time, Pécs is a regional cultural and university centre. Traditions derived from its cultural heritage and from artistic innovation shape its present character. Pécs was a European Capital of Culture in 2010, and the related projects realized more long-term developments in both the city and the region.

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