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Lecturers, Blue Economy Summer School

Gunter Pauli -

Author and Entrepreneur

Gunter Pauli graduated in Economics from Loyola's University in Belgium and obtained his Masters in Business Administration from INSEAD in France. His activity is very diverse: it ranges from business to culture, science and even fables. Fluent in seven languages and having lived on all continents, he is a world citizen.
He led the Ecolever to be the first ecological factory in Europe. He has founded and currently directs the ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives), where they develop non-polluting manufacturing processes.
He has written eighteen books which have been published in twenty seven languages. The Blue Economy is the latest Club of Rome report, where Professor Pauli presents and discusses 100 innovations in the field of sustainable resource management. He wishes to contribute to sustainable social, economic and humane development worldwide, in which entrepreneurship plays a critical role not only for business, but also at a cultural, social, political and ethical level.
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Tibor Kiss Ph.D -

Professor at the University of Pécs

Kiss Tibor has a main research focus on sustainability. He managed the translation of the book of Gunter Pauli: The Blue Economy in 2010 into Hungarian. Hw was one of the leaders of the Biomass Consortia of the University of Pécs. He coordinated the Logistics, Social effects and Business Calculation part of the project during three years. Social and economic effects of the introduction of an energetic system into the economy of the region, their influence on the social movements, on the small- and large-scale regional planning and management and their logistic questions were also included in the project. This research group has considerable expertise in the theory of producing energy plants, deploying power stations and examining the profitability of investments.
Kiss Tibor has programming experiences (Delphi, Pascal); mathematical statistics experiences (SPSS, BMDP); and system design experiences. He designed systems for enterprises; designed and programmed software for exponential smoothing, and regression analysis (an expert system for multiple regression analysis); and created the Business Simulation Challenge, the first green business simulation.

Zsolt Bedő Ph.D -

Professor at the University of Pécs
Founder of Blue Economy Innovation Cluster

Dr. Zsolt Bedo is assistant professor at the University of Pecs, Faculty of Business and Economics. He earned his PhD. in 2008 at the Faculty in the field of economics. His field of research is comparative corporate governance with a special focus on the Central and Eastern European region. He has published in leading Hungarian and in peer reviewed international academic journals. His book chapters have appeared in publications on corporate governance in emerging markets from leading international publishing houses. He has given lectures in numerous thematic conferences among others at the Wharton School of Business. He has spend extensive time in the United States for research purposes in preparation of his PhD dissertation.
Dr. Bedo has been the head of the Bachelor of Arts Business Administration program at the Faculty for 3 years. He served as the chair of the revalidation committee of the BA Business Administration when the program was scrutinized by Middlesex University, London. This educational program as being validated by Middlesex University provides a dual degree fully realized and accepted by any international organization.
Dr. Bedo leads courses in all levels of higher education. He lectures in company finance and investment finance related subjects and has launched the course Corporate Governance on the master level.
Dr. Bedo has been the founder of the Blue Economy Innovation Cluster that is to implement the Blue Economy socio-economic concept in the South Transdanubian Region in close cooperation with local companies. The Cluster’s core service is the optimization of the use of resources of local actors such as municipalities and companies with extensive facilities. 

Silvia Barbero -

Researcher at Politecnico di Torino in the areas related to ecodesign

She has her European doctorate in Production Systems and Industrial Design at Politecnico di Torino, with an exchange with Lund University in Sweden. The importance of exchange and experience with foreign realities is gained through the International II level Mater's Degree in Systems Design, that let her visit several universities and companies around the world. Since 2005 she is lecturer of Environmental Requirements of Industrial Product at Politecnico di Torino.

She wrote numerous publications in scientific journals and she is the author of several books on international spread as Ecodesign (HF Ullmann, 2009) and Systemic Energy Networks (Lulu Enterprises, 2012).

Curt Hallberg -

 Owner, Watreco AB

Curt has been studied and working with vortex technology since 1985. After having a career in the Swedish Navy he finished his studies in physics and development engineering earning a MSc. He continued his engineering work as a design consultant, but worked with the vortices on his free time. It all started when he got hold on a nice little book: Living Water by Olof Alexandersson. Then some 8 years followed with discussions and drawings until he finally put everything into practice in 1994.

Here Curt and his team tried to make a replica on an older experiment and they got it to work! From here, he decided that it was time to do something more to this, and he co-founded his company Watreco AB with some colleagues. The first product was a water purifier that uses vortices in order to separate iron and manganese out from drinking water. Since 2004 he has continued his studies in the vortex area not only in water but in air, or in liquids and gasses in general, and he has found some very interesting insights.

Today he is working as the CTO in his company where he leads the R&D work for new applications and possibilities. In the future he can see that it is possible to utilize the technology to make potable water from sea water, in a cheap and clean way. Other areas are transportation where new types of airplanes are in sight and new ways to produce energy by using the technology of the nature. Imagine, taming and harvesting the energy in a tornado!

Péter Fodor -

Associate lecturer

Péter Fodor is an assistant lecturer at the University of Pécs since 2009 and the chairman of the board at MEVID stock company. He is an economist graduated at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Pécs. He had his doctoral studies at the same institute. In 2014 he was a visiting lecturer at the Nanjing Audit University in China.  His main research fields are Blue Economy and knowledge management.

He is the founding member and researcher of Blue Economy Innovation Cluster in Pécs.As a business leader he holds relevant knowledge about catering and tourism industry. He is the main organizer of Blue Economy Summer School since 2011.

Katalin Hartung -

PhD student, Assistent of International Relations, Vice-President of the Doctoral Student Association

Ms. Hartung is starting her third year PhD studies at the Doctoral School of Regional- and Economic Sciences at the University of Pécs. She has earned her Master’s Degree in Finance major on a double degree program with the University of Pécs and Middlesex University. During her studies she has participated in several international programs which enriched her academic career. She is the vice-president of the Doctoral Student Association and assistant of international relations at the University of Pécs.

Ms. Hartung is studying Blue Economy and renewable energy in her PhD dissertation, having several publications and teaching experiences. Ms. Hartung is an active organizer of the Blue Economy Summer School.

Milenkovic Ivanka -

Entrepreneur, owner of Ekofungi Ltd.

Milenkovic Ivanka obtained  master of science on Belgrade University, Faculty of biology in the field of edible mushroom science. In that,  after finalization of  her study on Wageningen University. Created scientific  network support her  work on numerous projects related edible mushroom growing technology  which she realized all around the world in cooperation with ZERI netowork and other partners. Her enterprise established on 2000. is specific training center and place for scientific results application . She is author and co authors of the numerous publications published in the scientific journals, applicant of the international patents. Had been aworded bz best innovative investment in Serbia in 2014.

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