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Your way to become a Blue Economy Expert

BESS has created a diverse academic program, covering different perspectives of Blue Economy. The academic program in 2017 prepares and certifies participants to become a BE expert after completing a successful examination at the end of the program. (Examination to become a BE expert is optional)

By participating on BESS 2017 you can learn:

  • An introduction to the Blue Economy phenomena.
  • Current examples on Blue Economy.
  • Methods that enables participants to work out BE modells, to scan working systems and transfer them to Blue Economy modells.
  • System thinking.
  • Regional development modells.

Requirements for Becoming a Certified Blue Economy Expert

BESS 2017 participants

  • Prepare in advance (study material will be distributed before arrival)
  • Participate on Blue Economy Summer School in Pécs
  • Actively take part of the project work during the summer school
  • Successfully hold a presentation and take the additional examination

As you become a BE expert, one of the most important requirement is to hand in a follow up summary describing your engagement with blue economy. The Certificate is valid only for 2 years, before it expires you can apply to prolong the BE expert certificate again. The technical committee might decide to withdraw your BE expert certificate if blue economy is not applied actively. 


Academic program content in more detail:

Gunter Pauli - Introduction to Blue Economy and BE methodology:

Professor Pauli will lead the participants through the principles of Blue Economy idea. This guidance will be made on technical and human paths as well. Beside the several fruitful, already working cases he is explaining the necessary attitude towards entrepreneurship and life. We also pay special focus on how can participants Setting-up a Blue Economy business model. Prof. Pauli first starts from a target, the problem, through a “pain analysis”. Then, he applies his technique “Scan, screen, and implement”.

Tibor Kiss - System thinking

The whole idea of Blue Economy is based on the idea of system thinking. Insted of focusing on one main production line, entrepreneurs should search for more incomes and benefits and use the materials that they already have. Professor Kiss will indicate this logic and during numerous plays he helps participant to think in the whole system.


At the end of the program, participants will acquire knowledge in:

  • analyzing and critically evaluating the current mainstream sustainable business models and policies,
  • distinguishing green and blue economy models
  • defining Blue Economy
  • the screening and implementing process methodology of Blue Economy,
  • system thinking and system design paradigm and methods,
  • Business Model Canvas methodology and crowdfunding opportunity
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